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After I completed my first vanilla playthrough of Dragon Age: Inquisition, I started looking into mods to mix things up, speed it up and add new things. Unfortunately due to its engine, Inquisition is nowhere near as modded as Skyrim (the game I came from), or even the two previous games in the DA series, there are still a few mods that have discovered to be handy for my second, third, sixth games.

I mostly install features that impact gameplay rather than appearance, although there are a handful of the latter as well. (My suggestion for graphic mod ideas is to go check out tumblr and find pretty screenshots, or even r/InquisitionSliders which will list appearance mods to really help you recreate a celebrity or other fictional character.)

All of these mods can be found on the DA:I section of Nexus Mods and require DAI Mod Manager to work.

Mod list last updated: 19 February 2017.

War Table – No Waiting

I like the concept of the War Table, although I do have some problems with it. First is that some of the missions you send your people out to do are ones I wish the Inquisitor could handle instead. Second, as it requires waiting in real time, after doing one vanilla run I had had enough. (And I feel so sorry for people on consoles.)

War Table – No Waiting removes the wait time completely, and there’s now add-ons for Jaws of Hakkon and The Descent. It’s a must if you are wanting to do a minimalistic/fast run.

Quicker Looting

The other must-have to speed up a run. Remove the looting animation, which over time will save you… time. It also means that you won’t stop to pick up some Elfroot when you meant to leap out of the way of a dragon’s fireball. -_-

More Banter

This very simple mod ensures that banter takes place every 15 minutes. It’s that simple.

Fall Damage Nullified / Reduced Fall Damage

I don’t fall off the edge of a cliff that often, but when I do it’s because one of my companions shoved me. One of these mods can help if this is a common thing.

Or if you’re the “fastest way between point A and point B is straight down that cliff” kind of person.

Search Radius Increased

This mod allows you to increase the search radius by either 50% or 100%, and has the additional option of letting you see items for walls. I found it quite useful when wandering around the ruined buildings in the Exalted Plains – I actually found a codex entry (and thus a mini quest!) that I hadn’t seen on five previous playthroughs thanks to this mod.

Seasonal Palettes / Palettes of Thedas

The introduction of tinting armour once you reach Skyhold is a great thing, and these colour mods make it even better by changing the colours of cloth, leather and metals to something a little more streamlined based on the palette you pick.

Right now I’m using the Valentine’s Day version, which makes almost everything various shades of pink and purple. It’s amazing. PINQUISITION!


Morrigan Outfit Retexture

Apparently in the eleven years between The Fifth Blight and the events of the Conclave (aka Origins and Inquistion) the only change Morrigan made to her fashion choices was a slightly more solid bra. While iconic, Morrigan’s armour doesn’t quite fit with the style of Inquisition’s armour (which moved away from the boobplate of Origins into something more gender-neutral).

Morrigan Mod, Before & After

Redcliffe Crafting Supply / Redcliffe Crafting Supply DLC / Crossroads Crafting Supply

These mods let you go shopping for crafting supplies in Redcliffe. Depending on your settings you can buy and sell for the standard amount, buy for cheap and sell for a lot, or pay nothing and get paid a lot. I just stick with the vanilla version and make sure I kill enough people and take their stuff earn enough money to buy crafting equipment.

Alternately, if you just want to get a little bit more loot from your adventuring, try More Loot instead.


I played Inquisition first, so I didn’t notice the Kirkwall/Free Marches symbol on everything, but once I did it started to really bug me. Krem is from Tevinter and is the lieutenant of a mercenary company that works out of Orlais and Nevarra. So why does he have the Kirkwall logo on his back? Lazy texture reuse, apparently.

So De-Kirkening gets rid of the symbol from Krem, Samson (if you want), and the Freemen of the Dales. Seriously, why do those guys have that on their armour? They’re Orlesian!

Krem, Before & After

Immersive Starting Armours

It’s a mild thing, but this mod gives your character more appropriate outfit choices at the start of the game. After all, a Dalish mage is not going to wear the same outfit as a Circle mage. There’s even a few other options if you want to RP a different background for your character.

Party at the Winter Palace

This mod brings all of your companions to the Winter Palace instead of just your chosen three. Your selected party will still be with you in the fight sequences, and the rest just hanging around as they would if you brought them along. For example: if you brought Vivienne, Sera, and Cassandra as your party, you’ll still find Varric having an impromptu author party behind a halla door, the Iron Bull is still eating all the food, and Dorian and Solas are both still way into their cups. This mod also opens up the Red Jenny Caches at the palace for you to find, so no need to bring Sera along just for that extra quest.

I haven’t actually used this one yet, due to having passed Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in my current playthrough, but I have checked with others at r/DragonAge and they confirm this works. I myself can’t wait to try it.

And I think that’s it! As I said before, I don’t run that many mods in my games – if my PC were a lot gruntier I’d have a lot more graphic mods, but the loading screens take long enough as it is.

If you do play Inquisition with mods, what ones do you use? If you haven’t used any mods, are you going to give any of these ones a go? Do you let me know how that goes.

And now, since I robbed you of the chance to look at Krem’s handsome face up there, have a gif of him.

Krem, the Handsome

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