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Get on your linking caps, because here’s a bunch of things I’ve been reading around the Internet lately, and think you should be reading too. From writing resources to books, film + TV, and even a bit of true crime. (What can I say? Sometimes my reading is eclectic.)

Got anything you think I should read? Link me in the comments below!


Story-Writing with Scrivener   []
I’ve started working on my first post-NaNo draft of The Cantia Covenant, and I’m looking to really learn how to use Scrivener and maximise its power. This is an amazing series that I am slowly working my way through.

Writing & Revision Tracker   [Jamie Raintree]
I wanted to keep better track of my writing this year, and I found this spreadsheet which lets you track multiple projects AND revisions. It’s only been a few days but already things look good. Also there’s graphs!


Review: Carve The Mark by Veronica Roth   [Bibliodaze]
Carve the Mark has been all over my Twitter timeline lately because local reviewers have got their review copies. So just a reminder: racist, ableist, just plain bad. But read the review for snark.

Racism, Author Accountability, and Nevernight   [Anjulie Te Pohe]
This is a slightly older post but one worth sharing: the racism in Nevernight and the author’s reaction to it (spoiler: bad).

How hyped new author Scott Bergstrom infuriated the YA literature community   [Daily Dot]
Although #MorallyComplicatedYA happened back in November 2015, the book that sparked it has just come out so it’s important to share this bit of YA history. Basically male non-YA reader mocks YA audience and especially female readers of YA.

Film and TV

Hollywood’s Irrational Fear of Hiring Female Directors   [ScreenRant]
My friend Kayleigh is now writing for ScreenRant! Here’s her article on the lack of female directors in major films.


Papers Please   []
Although its flash-sale is now over, Papers Please is still an important game in the wake of the US travel bans to really make you think.

Krillin Plays Resident Evil 7: Biohazard   [TFS Gaming]
I don’t watch too many Let’s Plays, but I do like the ones by Team Four Star. I especially like the Krillin Plays ones, where Krillin from Dragon Ball Z Abridged plays horror games. They’ve just started one for the new Resident Evil game.

And Everything Else

The Hunt For The Death Valley Germans   []
In 1996 four German tourists went missing in Death Valley. This is a (long but fascinating) recount of a man who years later went hiking in Death Valley to try and find out what happened to them. TRUE CRIME HIKING!

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