Linking Caps [05/03/2017]

Get on your linking caps, because here’s a bunch of things I’ve been reading around the Internet lately, and think you should be reading too. From writing resources to books, film + TV, and even a bit of true crime. (What can I say? Sometimes my reading is eclectic.)

Got anything you think I should read? Link me in the comments below!


Where To Start in Discworld (Infographic)   [Electric Literature]
I’ve been wanting to get into Discworld for years but have had no idea where to start, but now I have a plan!

Papercuts: A Party Game for the Rude and Well-Read   [Electric Literature]
Apples to Apples/Cards for Humanity, but for the literary folk.

Film and TV

The Art of Editing and Suicide Squad   [Folding Ideas]
A video on how editing can fail, with Suicide Squad providing examples of… everything.

Triumph of the Will and the Cinematic Language of Propaganda   [Folding Ideas]
Another great video on the language of film, this time about propaganda film. Very handy in today’s media.

A Legal Analysis of The Little Mermaid That Will Ruin Your Childhood   [Above The Law]
A legal discussion about whether Ariel can actually be held to the contract Ursula made her sign


I Played Widow (And I Liked It)   [OzzaWorld]
I’m not a Katy Perry fan but I like this Overwatch-themed parody of I Kissed A Girl. If only I a) had Overwatch b) had a computer that could play Overwatch. Sigh.

Temuera Morrison/Jango Fett sliders for male Trevelyan   [r/InquisitionSliders]
I linked to this in my Five (Major) Reasons I Love Dragon Age: Inquisition post, but I think it’s worth relinking here. A how-to guide to make a Temuera Morrison-inspired Inquisitor.

Six Video Games for the Bookish   [Bibliodaze]
Okay, I wrote this, but I wanted to reshare it. Six video games that either have writers as characters or have strong book-like/genre elements that bookish people might like.

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