Pop Culture Resolutions for 2020

Over on Pajiba, my friend Kayleigh posted her pop culture resolutions for 2020, and as I have been thinking about what I want to do and achieve and experience next year, a pop culture-related list like Kayleigh did seems a great post to make.

So here we go!

The Dracula Project

This was something that Kayleigh and I discussed a few times several years ago, back when we were doing this vampire podcast called The Bloodsucking Feminists. The idea was we’d make our way through as much Dracula-related content as we could. Naturally it never got off the ground but after deciding that 2020 was going to be The Year of the Vampire for me, Kayleigh suggested doing the whole Dracula project again. Sort of.

This actually works out well as for my birthday I got myself the beautiful Annotated Dracula, and already planned on going back to the beginning and watching the classic Dracula films and reading a bunch of fiction and non-fiction tied to the books.

I also, of course, plan to play as many Dracula-related games as I can find. The Castlevania series is at the top of the list (which I just bought as it’s all 50-75% off in the Winter Steam Sale) and I already have Dracula: Origin aka the one where the game cover art is trying to seduce me.

I think it’s working.

I’m a long way away from a final list of things to muddle my way through, but I have been making a list on Amazon for those also looking to consume some more Dracula.

Vampires in General

Yep, I’m gonna read and watch a whole lot of other vampire stuff next year as well. There’s a YA Bathory book out next year, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 is releasing as well. As a big fan of the original I am so excited for that.

In her post, Kayleigh mentions doing a re-read of The Vampire Chronicles. I have only ever read Interview with the Vampire, so I plan on re-reading that and reading a second book in the series. I don’t know which one yet.

I also want to read/watch more on vampire tourism, and increase my list of places I wish to go to (and thus my post series Voyages with Vampires). Alas, I am stuck here in New Zealand, where vampires live in flats together and not in fabulous and spooky castles.

Books, Of Many Kinds

2019 was a year of being in a reading rut. Sure, I read books, but in nowhere near the numbers I used to. Mentally I was somewhat exhausted, at least when it came to words on the page. I had the occassional manga or comic binge, but that was less than a handful of times.

I have no plans on setting an actual goal at this point, but I will definitely read a lot more. And in genres and categories I have been neglecting. More adult, more non-fiction, historical without the fantasy aspect, more romance, more New Zealand – those sorts of things.

Go To Things

I am very shy person in real life, so I find it difficult to go out to things and events. To give you an idea of things, my regular one trip out anywhere has been Armageddon, and the last time I went to the theatre was when I saw The Force Awakens.

Yeah. The Force Awakens. I do have my tickets booked for The Rise of Skywalker, so no spoilers please.

The one exception to my stay-at-home nature was when I went out to Second Unit, the What We Do In the Shadows experience down on the waterfront.

In 2020 it is going to be my mission to get out and do… things. I’ve already got two planned with the space of a month later in the year: ConZealand (the 78th WorldCon) and the Romance Writers of New Zealand Annual Conference.

I will go out and meet people, make friends and connections, and not spend every night in my room.

Finish Those Games

I have a bunch of half-played video games that I really should get back to instead of booting up Overwatch again: The Witcher 3 DLCs, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, another playthrough of Dragon: Age Inquisition, Vampyr

And the less said about the video games I have yet to even start, the better. So let’s move on.

In Short

  • All the Draculas
  • All the vampires
  • Moar books
  • Go out and be social
  • Finish the games I have been meaning to finish.

And there we go. Those are my 2020 pop culture resolutions. I’ve still got a number of other goals for my general life, career, and writing to nail down before December 31. What pop culture-related resolutions do you have for next year? Oh, and don’t forget to read the inspiration post on Pajiba!

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