So I Started A(nother) Vampire Podcast

What do you mean “another” vampire podcast? How many vampire podcasts does one woman need?

I can’t answer the second question, but I can tell you why this new podcast of mine is is deemed “another” rather than simple “a”.

A few years ago a friend of mine, Kayleigh Donaldson, and I had a vampire podcast. It was called The Bloodsucking Feminists and we reviewed a whole bunch of vampire media: books, movies, TV shows, comics, and even musicals. It was fun but we never got popular enough to get more than one hate email. Which is surprising, as the F-word that brings angry people running is right there in the title.

(They had heard of our plan to review The Hunger and accused us of hating David Bowie and looking to cancel him. The episode was actually one half review, one half love-letter to/us mourning David Bowie, as it was just after he passed.)

In the time since our last episode I’ve wanted to go back and do something vampire-related with Kayleigh, but scripted and definitely much shorter in episode length. So behold!

Fangthology is a podcast dedicated to obsessively covering the myriad aspects of vampires throughout pop culture. Whether it’s Broadway bombs or bootleg novels, cult classic video games or what Wellington continues to do in the shadows, Kayleigh and I want to tell you all about it.

Episode one is about the infamous Broadway bomb Dance of the Vampires. It was supposed to be the English adaptation of one of our favourite musicals, Tanz der Vampire, but after a clash of egos and other failings became a legendary disaster. Come for story, stay for the Michael Crawford shade.

Episode two is about one of the Dracula bootleg novels, Dracula in Istanbul. Supposedly a translation, this 1928 work is one third the length and introduces a number of new elements, including the first appearance of a Count Dracula who was indeed also the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Complicating matters more is that the movie adaptation is oddly enough one of the most faithful adaptations to Stoker’s book, somehow restoring what the “translation” cut out.

Our third and most recent episode is about the long history of vampirism’s connections to diseases and plagues in both folklore and pop culture. From cholera, syphilis, and tuberculosis to other infections, we look at what other ways vampires were perceived to be bringers of death.

So if you like weird vampire nonsense in scripted half-hours once a month, why don’t you subscribe to us? We also have a twitter and an instagram, for posting more bite-sized vampire trivia so check us out there too!

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Catherine is a writer of stories about dead things and hidden folk, a teller of tales of of strange romances and wild places, and still insists that if given the chance would run away to the vampire's castle for the ball - if she was invited, of course.

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