The Makings of a Blog

One thing I am always curious about when I visit someone’s blog or website is what is going on behind the scenes. Not the person writing it (although that is why I’m there), but the technical side of things. What theme are they using? What plugins power all of these extra features? What was used to make those images so nice?

Well, I can’t tell you what is happening on other people’s sites (and they often don’t want to tell me, sadface) but at the very least I can tell you about the little things in the workings of this one.

The Basics

This blog is hosted by A2 Hosting, with the domain name purchased from Namecheap. It runs on WordPress and uses the Sitka theme from Solo Pine.


There are a number of places to get free images that are also available to be used and remixed, and even without having to request permission of the owner. Most images used on this site are from Pixabay, or the available for remix/reuse sections of Flickr. Occasionally you will see images from Adobe Stock but those are mainly just used for when I do graphic design things like covers.

I edit my images with Adobe Photoshop then use JPEGmini to reduce the file size and make them suitable for web. This is especially important for my massive thumbnail images as the original versions can be several megabytes in size before being shrunk down through JPEGmini magic.


I. Love. Plugins. Maybe just a little too much, but really how could you not love something that gives you such amazing extras to do with layout, tools, images, and more? Right now I am using the following:

And that’s it. I could have sworn I was using more plugins, but apart from those there’s nothing else. Still, this is a new blog, with a new install of everything so there is plenty of time for me to discover new things I need (or want) to add to this blog. What sort of things do you use in the back-end of your blog that you wish more people knew about? Are you just as excited to share as I am curious to find out?

About Author

Catherine is a writer of stories about dead things and hidden folk, a teller of tales of of strange romances and wild places, and still insists that if given the chance would run away to the vampire's castle for the ball - if she was invited, of course.

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